Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation (ALINDECO) is an industry leader in the   manufacture of abaca pulp sheets. It was established as a corporation on January 24, 1974  
and for the last four (4) decades, has been supplying quality abaca pulp sheets to the   international market. ALINDECO is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Because its pulp is also used for   food-grade specialty paper, the plant and its products are HALAL-Certified as well

For forty (40) years now, ALINDECO has been using its expertise in state-of-the-art manufacturing  facilities to develop and produce pulp grades which meet the needs of the  
world market. ALINDECO works closely with its customers to produce and develop pulp to meet
their specific requirements.

ALINDECO. We bring abaca to the world.


ALINDECO (Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation)
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