The plant, as it is specifically designed, caters to different non-wood fibers such as abaca, sisal, kenaf and other leaf fibers. Strategically located in the eastern portion of Albay, it boasts of sufficiency for clean water and ample electrical and abaca supply.

Manned by highly capable and competent technical personnel applying sensitive process operations control, our production facilities are capable of producing superior quality pulp of different grades based on specified requirements of our customers.

The plant manufacturing process sequentially includes:

1. Fiber and chemical preparation
2. Cooking operation
3. Washing and beating operations
4. Bleaching operation
5. Washing and Screening operations
6. Sheet-forming and drying operations
7. Finishing and packaging operations


At each stage of the manufacturing process, strict quality control checks and monitoring and testing procedures ensure the high quality of our pulp.

The quality control monitoring primarily commences from procurement and purchases of all its raw material input – fiber and chemicals- for the right quality and quantity, and extends up to final inspection of our finished pulp products before shipment to customers.

ALINDECO (Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation)
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