Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation, ALINDECO, is located at Balading, Malinao Albay, Philippines, with an area of more or less 50,000 square meters (~5 hectares).
Its location boasts with continuous power and water supply.

It was established as a corporation in January 24, 1974, started its operations in June 16, 1976
and for the last four decades, has been supplying quality abaca and other non-wood pulp sheets
to the international market

Mill expansions after PM1 line were made to expand its capacity and improve the quality of its

  • PM2 Line – was constructed in 1992 and started its operations in April of 1994.
    It has an average capacity of 11MT per day or an annual capacity of 3400MT.

  • PM3 Line – started its construction in 2005 and was inaugurated in November 7, 2006.
    It is designed for a 15MT per day capacity or 4680MT annually. PM3 boasts of new
    technology that will guarantee the production of high quality pulp that satisfies the
    international market quality specification. This new line includes state-of-the-art
  • cleaning equipment from Japan.
  • PM2 & PM3 mills are powered by its own electric energy substation directly connected
    to the main 69KV grid.
  • PM2 and PM3 is also fueled by environment-friendly coco shell and pili shell

In August 7, 2015, Nippon Kodoshi Corporation (NKK), the leading manufacturer of capacitor and battery separator in Japan, acquired ALINDECO. They introduced automation in cooking process,
and had been using up to now. This helps carry out cooking process on a desired setting, thus, consistent parameters are achieved for every batch. Other projects in improving the process were
also initiated by the technical team of NKK.

In June 7, 2018, NKK sold its shares of stock to SPMI, Nelson S. Lim as president. Procurement of
raw materials for production is being handled by its own buying arm, Ching Bee Trading Inc. Fiber quality requirements are coordinated to the respective branches of CBT nationwide. Baled and
ready-to-use fibers are delivered to ALINDECO plant.

Corporate And Plant Facilities: Bo. Balading, Malinao,
Albay, Philippines
Tel.: (6352) 742-0953
Manila Office:

Unit 301 and 302 Meriton One Bldg. 1668
Quezon Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle
Quezon City, 1103
Tel.: (632) 83530-348
Fax: (632) 83530-346

Chairman/President and CEO:
EVP/Plant Manager:
Corporate Secretary:
Assistant Corporate Secretary

Nelson S. Lim
Hugo F. Duran
Gina Ang-Fregil
Victorio H. Macasaet, Jr.
Frances Grace Allyana Orbeta


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