ALINDECO is one of the leading manufacturers of abaca pulp and other non-wood pulp providing high quality pulp products to Japan, China, Germany and other parts of Asia and Europe. Uses of ALINDECO’s finished product includes currency or bank notes, electrolytic condenser papers, filter papers, tracing papers, tea bags, meat casings, disposables, non-woven and cigarette paper, among others. Likewise, abaca pulp is being used for strengthening facial tissues, table napkins, diapers and recycled papers. For several decades now, the company is maintaining its commitment to customer satisfaction.

It is also committed to sustain pollution-free environment to its neighboring community through continuous improvement of its facility and processes and be able to sustain compliance to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

A safe working environment to its working force and employees is also being maintained through Health and Safety programs to continuously promote and manage risks as they perform their daily tasks and responsibilities.

The company aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of this quality management system including process improvements to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, and the assurance of compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. In order to achieve these objectives, the leadership of the organization ensures the identification and mitigation of risks, as well as the effective planning and implementation of actions to address both risks and opportunities, according to the company’s internal and external contexts.

The organization is directed by the Board of Directors, represented by members of the parent company, Specialty Pulp Manufacturing Inc. (SPMI). The President spearheads the top management of the company, engaging, directing, and supporting the company officers and all units to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system and achievement of company’s business targets.

The company’s Quality Policy is:


ALINDECO commits to the sustainability of high quality Abaca and other Non-wood pulp for total customer satisfaction.

ALINDECO assures compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements.

ALINDECO identifies and mitigates risks for the protection of the interest of its stakeholders and treats them as windows for opportunities and as determinants for continual improvement.

ALINDECO (Albay Agro-Industrial Development Corporation)
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